I’ve been so tired. So much work so little time for myself. Yet I remember a mans words saying “Not everyone climbs Mount Everest; somebody’s got to wrap fish!” Well half the time I don’t feel Everest is big enough; for me it feels more like Olympus Mons! The largest peak we know of in the solar system.

I just get so tired, that sometimes I feel I can’t push any further. But further and further I must push!! I’ll have plenty of time to rest when I’m dead!!! Winners continue forward while the losers sit back and cry “woe is me”. Or even worse, make excuses   as to why they didn’t do something.  In finality there are the dregs, which I myself was once numbered among, who have a habit of needless delay where quick action is required.

Procrastination is  a man’s own worst enemy. He brings it upon himself and still cry’s “woe is me”. I grew tired of that existence long ago when I was curled up in my bed crying the same phrase and meter. It does not merely attack those of youth but freely and indiscriminately attacks all men, of all ages, creeds, and cultures. The true question is; will you allow yourself be numbered among those who climb Mount Olympus or will you be one who wraps fish? Both are needed in this world but I for one shall not be numbered among those who wrap fish!!! I will climb Mount Olympus even if it kills me!!!!! I will rest when I’m 6 feet under or better yet dispose of my body in the most efficient means possible because I’m no longer there!!!!!!

Remember the “I cant’s” will never be where the “I can’s” are…. so climb Mount Olympus… to hell with everyone else and what they say… let them wrap fish!!! You go onward and upward. Push yourself because no one will help you… you must want it bad enough to die for it…. So let death be your release but until then continue pushing…. continue climbing over everyone and everything…. be your own god and decide your own destiny and destination!!

May 9th 2011

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  1. Jake says:

    This borders on impossible to understand. It would have been better if you actually wrote about what it would be like to climb Olymus Mons, instead of this inspirational drivel

    • Matt Shamblin says:

      Feel free to answer either of these two questions… what did you find impossible to understand or what is the fish of the day?