There are just some things that continually amaze and me. I simply don’t understand why some people completely obliterate their paychecks and on top of that squander any monetary gifts given to them. To me it makes no sense whatsoever! I’ve been very poor and hungry. I didn’t like it too much. In fact, I hated it so much I’m never doing it again!!! So what brought all this on? I’ll tell you the tale of “The Eight Dollar Bank Account”

The Eight Dollar Bank Account

Steven was a young man, newly married and never had made so much money in his life as he is with his latest job. Once Steve worked for a lumber mill making minimum wage and literally working by the sweat of his brow.  He left the lumber mill one day and found an ad in a local newspaper for a company wanting delivery drivers. He answered this ad and was hired soon after. This was quite a change from the slavish lumber mill where the sweat would pour and the back would break. Here it was easy. Although mental aggravation abounded in this new place it was still better than the mill. No hard labor was required of him and all he had to do was pick, pack and deliver the orders of this company’s customers.

The hours were long and overtime was in great supply. Thus the financial rewards for his labors were increased because the more he worked over 40 hours per week his pay would be increased by time and a half. So Steve, although working more hours than the mill, greatly increased his supply of money. Yet for reasons he couldn’t understand, although he was making more money than before, he still only managed to make a meager existence.

Just as the wealth tree grows so do desires grow in men and those desires soon become accepted as necessary expenditures. Steve was no exception from this and thus his desires grew.  His wife wanted an brand new SUV and because of this increase in supply they bought it. Soon more and more desires came and before they knew it there was only rice in the house to eat. He might as well have been a slave and worked for what his master would give him. He had become a slave to his desires but he doesn’t realize it. Now his checking account has been drained to only contain eight dollars.

It has been one year since he was married. An unexpected gift has come in the mail. What a great surprise to his wife when she opens it because it contains a check for $1,400. A feeling of glee overtakes her and she goes to the bank to deposit it. One problem though, there is only $8 in the account and the bank won’t cash it. However, the bank was kind enough to give them $100 until the check cleared. She came to his workplace to inform him of the good news. They celebrated by going out to eat and soon enough the $100 was gone.

A few days later the check has cleared and the shopping spree begins. Steve needs a new pair of shoes and has a great desire for a new 32″ Flat Panel HDTV. His wife also has many other desires and she gratifies what she wishes. It only takes a few days and the entire $1,400 is gone. Once again they are back to having only $8 in the checking account.

They are back to square one but things could have been different! They wish to have wealth but do nothing but waste. How can any man get ahead like that? They can’t! If they really wish to achieve some measure of wealth they must learn the laws that govern it. Had either of them asked me I would have advised them thus:

“Gold Comes Gladly And In Increasing Quantity To Any Man Who Would Put By No Less Than 1/10th Of His Earning To Create An Estate For His Future And That Of His Family”

That is the first step to building wealth. Money must be put by and start to fatten your wallet. It should become a habit. It will seem difficult at first but many things seem difficult at first! Once you begin to put by no less than 1/10th you’ll soon see a strange thing; that you are no shorter than before. Simply put it to the side and do not touch it use the remaining 9/10ths to pay for your expenses. You may put aside as much as you can afford but let it be no less than 1/10th.

If you saved only 1/10th how much would you have saved in 10 years?

If you answered “As much as I make in 1 year”, that is only the half of it. Make each $100 bill work for you and every $1 it makes work for you… make it your slave and its children work for you and it’s children’s children work for you until you have an army of $100 slaves.

But first before you can ever raise an army you must first and foremost learn that a part of all you earn is yours to keep and no other man has claim of it!

October 22nd 2010

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  1. the whore of babylon says:

    they may not have money, but they have each other which is a hell of alot better than what u got. ohhh wait u have money to pay someone to spend time with you, cause really thats all u can get, what u pay for. your stories are amuzing, im sure u put alot of time into them. as far as my stories goes good job, hit the nail on the head, only to be a whore u must sleep with around. i am alot of things i give u that, but whore im not. your words mean nothing. your wealthy in one way and one way alone. you have no one. your friends leave u and u will never find love…….enjoy ur wealthy life

    • Matt Shamblin says:

      For those of you playing the home version… “The Whore of Babylon” which is in fact the real Katy Aisleen (used her email address and from the IP Address of her workplace) missed the point of this particular story. Which is to teach others to acquire wealth… had someone paid attention to what I tried to teach her for at least 2 years she could have some too!

      Wait a minute my spidy-senses are tingling…. i sense bitterness… a need to try to make oneself feel better with making pitiful and baseless attacks…. i also sense a need for a new word of the day…. hey kids lets try “Allegory” it means figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another… i have to stop there… now I have a new post idea

      Katy, thanks for being my muse once again! You’re absolutely darling!! Always a pleasure.

  2. The Wife.. says:

    Katy’s right, we have a lot more than you! I have a companion , a lover and a friend. Our house is filled with Gold and Happiness which is considerably more than you’ll ever have! Your life is obviously filled with darkness and loneliness so in return you can only “write” about others to make yourself have a “meager existence” in the world. So by no means are we poor. You were very obtuse to say what others should do with their life.. in return looking at your own lonely pitiful life makes me proud to think that Steven and I will always have more than you even if our bank account only contains $8. Wealth is not all about money.. It’s about true love and happiness.. Something you know nothing about! And by the way, it’s a 40″ LED BITCH!

  3. Matt Shamblin says:

    Hey kids, let’s try a new phrase of the day “object lesson”! I’m not immune from object lessons… I’ve made many mistakes… please refer to “Like An Episode of Where Are They Now”… the tale I relate in the First Law of Gold is a good example of things I myself once did and how I learned to correct it by obeying the First Law.

    Perhaps one day you’ll learn the lesson… unfortunately it may be the same way I learned it…

    Anybody notice when lessons hit close to home people get belligerent? I didn’t want to hear it either at one time… so in a way I understand

    Yes folks I did notice Light Emitting Diode and yes I realize it’s not what Fonzie was like but I let it slide anyway…