I’ve been reflecting today. There are many things that I love to do that I’ve let slip by the wayside. It’s been many months since I’ve picked up an instrument. I’d like to start writing music again. It’s been several years since I’ve actually sat down and developed an idea. I perused the internet to see if anything that I’ve done has survived and only a couple of decent things are still floating around out there…. some of the things I found were pure crap. I was like “What the hell was I thinking?” and “Damn I must have been drunk!”  It was that bad! The fucked up part is that all the stuff I’ve ever written, both good and bad, were accidentally destroyed while I was drunk…. BTW never attempt to format a hard drive after a pint of hooch…  good advice from personal experience! What I found on the internet was like “Seriously dude… Can’t take my eyes off of you… WTF?!?!? What happened to the Maniac cover or Stacy? All I can remember about Stacy is that it was formulated around the add9 I got from Satriani and the opening line started with “Stacy, can you here me through your long goodnight?”

I’ve almost got a groove figured out with my new job. Once I’ve got a solid hold on it I’ll start writing again.

January 28th 2012

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